By utilizing the Validated intraoperative Bleeding Scale[ViBe SCALE], surgeons could reduce intraoperative & post operative complications by choosing the right adjunctive topical hemostatic product for the right bleed.1




VIBe SCALE grades are based on visual field and anatomic appearance, qualitative description, and visual estimated blood loss (1)


Grade 0: No Bleeding

Kidney Abrasion. Grade 0 reflects clinically insignificant and unremarkable bleeds.


Grade 1: Mild

Capsular Liver Abrasion. Grade 1 Bleeds represent a general ooze, which well up over 1-2 minutes after blotting with gauze.


Grade 2: Moderate

Grade 2 bleeds visibly well up after blotting, and are usually considered distracting to the surgical procedure.


Grade 3: Severe

Rupture of venous plexus during posterior lumbar laminectomy. Grade 3 bleeds well up immediately after blotting, and require treatment to continue with the surgery.


Grade 4: Life Threatening

Abdominal Aortic Tear. Grade 4 bleeds are life-threatening and require immediate surgical treatment.


Access the VIBe SCALE Paper

Development and validation of an intraoperative bleeding severity scale for use in clinical studies of hemostatic agents.


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